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Taking your first Step

At In2skin & Brows, we understand that your skin health and anti-ageing concerns are an essential key to providing you with the best solutions and programs tailored to you. Our team is completely dedicated not only to creating your very own customised journey to healthy, vibrant skin, but also 100% committed to ensuring we get you the results in the quickest and most enjoyable way possible.

Skin Consultation | $65 | 30mins 

A skin consultation is your first step in our journey to achieving the best results for you. It allows us to scan your skin with our state-of-the-art camera (Observ), diagnose conditions beneath the surface, and build an effective and personalised journey to deliver you the best possible outcomes.

First Time Client Experience | $139 | 50min  

The First Time Client Experience is the ideal treatment if its your first time experiencing a skin treatment at In2skin & Brows.

The session includes; 

Skin consultation using the Obsev skin analyser   

30 min Level 1 Boost Treatment 

Homecare and Treatment Plan 

A voucher for you to use on your next treatment

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