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Cosmecutical Luxe Facials: Services

 Level 1 - Skin Boost Treatments 

Our Skin Boost facials treatments are ideal for those who are just starting on their skin journey or simply want a quick skin boost with maximum results. These relaxing  treatments are designed to nourish, hydrate and purify the skin for a radiant glow and youthful, plump appearance.

Relax | 30 mins | $79

This is the go-to facial for those who love a relaxing, traditional spa experience. Expertly tailored to suit your skin concerns, your Relax Facial has been designed to nurture your skin as you enjoy our signature, welcome cleanse and exfoliation, leaving your skin smooth and refined. As we massage away tension in your shoulders and neck, your customised facial mask will leave your skin fresh and hydrated.


Energise LED | 30 mins | $89

Treat your skin to a radiant boost. Combining a moisture mask and our non-invasive LED light therapy, this tailored skin treatment can assist in reducing inflammation, acne, scarring and fine lines. With results in mind, your skin will be energised with an instant glow.


Refresh Micro | 30 mins | $99

For instant results, this refreshing microdermabrasion exfoliation treatment results in smooth, clear skin that is visibly brighter. Melt away with a shoulder and neck massage while your hydration mask reveals healthy, radiant skin.


Glow | 30 mins | $109

Designed to make the most of your lunchtime, this incredible treatment will leave your skin looking instantly radiant and more luminous. Controlled exfoliation, peel, mask and unique layering vitamin infusion encourage new skin cells to grow stronger and healthier, making your skin look fresh, bright and rejuvenated.

Peachy Smooth | 30 mins | $119

An ideal facial therapy to achieve beautifully smooth, dewy, and radiant skin. Its power lies in combining epi-blading and enzyme exfoliation to revitalise your skin while removing peach fuzz. For glowing and makeup-ready skin at all times, we recommend repeating this procedure every four weeks.

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