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Advanced deep cleansing system that uses patented whirlpool suction technology to deeply yet gently cleanse the pores and exfoliate the surface with the combination of oxygentated water, AHA and BHA Serums.

Micro Hydra Peel $99

A fantastic quick and effective treatment to deeply cleanse, brighten dull congested skin. 

Micro Hydra Power Up $129

Combining Micro Hydra Peel and LED to power up results stimulate cells for collagen and elastin or kill acne bacteria on congested skins.

Micro Hydra LIFT $149
This treatment leaves your skin fully revitalised, refreshed with glowing, smoother, skin.
The Micro Hydra -Lift Facial uses these 4 steps to deeply cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate and firm

  • Deep cleanse & exfoliate Cavitational Micropeeling

  •  Microhydrabrasion

  • Lift Bipolar radio frequency

  • Hydration spray infusion

Micro Hydra Facial: Text
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